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Point Film was founded in 2013 and aims at discovering new directors, especially from Romania, and accompanying them through the process of pre-production & production of their first shorts and features. The company intends to focus on genre films as well, a direction not particularly explored in Romanian cinema today.

Point Film was the Romanian co-producer for the successful title “Servants” (world premiere in the Encounters section, Berlinale 2020), directed by Ivan Ostrochovský, a co-production with Punkchart Film (Slovakia), Negativ (Czech Republic) and F&ME (Ireland).

We are also involved in developing the family film “Spiridon Hits the Ball” and renown author Cecilia Stefanescu’s first feature “The Great Adventure”.


picture of Tudor Giurgiu, producer

Tudor Giurgiu



Oana Bujgoi Giurgiu


picture of Adriana Răcășan, producer

Adriana Răcășan



Cristian Pascariu

Head of Development

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The Romanian film industry is a vibrant community of talented and respected entrepreneurs, producers, directors, artists, professionals and technicians around the world. Testimony are the countless awards of Romanian films in major festivals and prestigious international productions that have chosen Romania as the filming location and the services of Romanian production companies.

As of last year, Point Film is a member of Romanian Film Producers Alliance.

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